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Mar 2011           Professor Nevin

Sep 2008          Buyange Plaque

Feb 2001            Moderator's visit

Aug 2000          Josephat Kilungu

Church Reports - 2021

Reports are available, in full, to read via the Northern Ireland Charity Commission web site - click on Documents tab.

11th September 2021

PW conference - Click here for details about the PW Annual Conference or click here for the conference.

4th April 2021

Return to Gathered Worship

Restrictions have been lifted to allow us to meet for Sunday worship from

Easter Sunday 4th April.

Following the recent review by the NI Executive, the four main churches, including the Presbyterian Church, have agreed to end their voluntary suspension and return to gathered worship in time for Easter Sunday.

Rigorous application of all mitigations and safeguards are to be applied.

Click the link below to watch a short video that tells you what we are doing to keep safe in church when we're allowed to meet again. (This was made at the end of the first lockdown in September but the mitigations and safeguards still apply.)