Sam and Mary Mutumba were (up until the end of March 07) the house parents at Besaniya boys home and Cherub rehabilitation centre (near Mukono) where Simon McFarland worked for 2 years.
Sam is the assistant co-ordinator of ECM in Uganda & has also begun work among the aids orphans (many of whom have aids themselves) in Luwero (north of Kampala).
Sam and Mary Mutumba visited Saintfield earlier this year.
In memory of the late Rev Desmond McBride it was decided through co-operation with Mrs McBride to support the building of a church in Uganda.
The church is being built on Buyange Island (one of the Ssese Islands on lake Victoria) by ECM (Evangelical Christian Ministries).
We were made known of the opportunity through the work of Simon McFarland.
A pastor has been located by ECM and has begun the vital work of reaching out to the community with the great news of Jesus Christ.
The building will also be used for a school but as yet a teacher has not be found - this is a significant item for prayer.
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