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Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ.

Presbyterian Women (PW) is an organisation for women within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI). There have been women’s organisations within PCI for over 130 years. 

PW Groups are envisaged as women’s fellowships in which women are encouraged to become Christians and to become Christ-like. In addition to supporting mission at home and overseas, each group is to seek ways of actively reaching women in its own area for Christ.

Motto: Living for Jesus

Logo: The circle around the cross represents women whose lives are centred on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement and Aims:

Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ.

Presbyterian Women aims to highlight the need for:

  1. Love and unity

  1. Obedience to God

  1. Christian living and spiritual maturity

  1. Service using gifts, time and money

  1. Local and global mission



Wed 25th September 

Wed 23rd October

Wed 27th November



Wed 22nd January

Wed 26th February


Wed 25th March


SOS bus.

Spud Bears with Colin Davis.

Faith in West Belfast with Naomi Dudgeon.



Faith & Fashion with Amanda Mitchell

Box opening and Mission Collection.

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